Photo License Free Photo License!
I, Jonathan Petersson (Sweden) at the website, gives you an non-exclusive, irreversible (as in permanent, I can't change my mind if you have already downloaded the photo with this license), galaxywide (worldwide and beyond) copyright license where you can download, copy, modify, share, display, and moreover use my photos from for FREE. This includes commercial and editorial purposes, as well as of course personal use and more, even without my permission or without attributing (give credit) either me or the website What you cannot do, however, is creating your own similar website or app (including Wallpaper websites) and suggest that the photos (in its original form, without your creative input) are yours or otherwise claim any of them as your own (you don't have to mention me either, as explained above). If the photo(s) contains a visible brand or such, you must by yourself seek approval to use that photo for commercial use, from the rightsholder of that brand (or logo or trademark), as that particular use is not covered by this license. Also, one last thing, don't do anything immoral or illegal with the photos, that includes using them in a misleading or deceptive way. Thank you very much.
Example uses may be the following: (DIGITAL): Websites (e-commerce, blogs, banners, advertisement, marketing..), apps (games, guides, business, information..), social media (in any form..), newsletters, e-books, presentations, templates for sale (websites, documents..), logos and much more! (PHYSICAL): Books, CD-covers, Game-covers, packaging, boxes, brochures, postcards, magazines, newspapers, decals, stickers, magnets, billboards and of course many other things!
Please notice! I have written this license myself to the best of my knowledge. There might be some faults, inconsistencies and weird wording. Do you have any questions whatsoever, don't hesitate to contact me.
Have a nice day!
I would be glad to have some attribution and/or email about your use of the photo(s), but this IS NOT mandatory as I stated in the license, you don't have to attribute me at all, and I understand that there are many situations where attribution could be difficult. Don't feel bad about it! :)
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