- Introduction

Welcome to - Free photos for commercial use!
Here you can find free high resolution photos for commercial use (and personal use, of course). All of the photos in the gallery / albums on this website are licensed under the Free Photo License! That basically means "you can do whatever you want" with the photos! Athough, with that said, remember to read the full license before using any photos.
The photos are taken (and edited) by me, Jonathan Petersson, here in Sweden! I am the photographer of the photos and have the full right to license them as I wish. Most of the photos are in the category of landscapes and nature, but there are also other stuff like cities, buildings, animals and such, simply a mixed range of photos.
Why do I give them away for free you might ask? Because I would like to give something back to the awesome open source community! One other reason is that I only use a a fraction of the photos myself, so why let the other photos sit on a harddrive or memory card unused when others can make something out of them?
Explore the page to have a look at the high definition photos and download them right now!
Photos: Copyright © Jonathan Petersson.
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