Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small textfile which websites store on your computer, smartphone or similar device.
There are so called first party cookies and third party cookies. First party cookies can only be used by the website you visit, but third party cookies can be used by third parties connected to that website, for example analytics, tracking, etc.
Two types of cookies are used, session cookies that are deleted when you close the browser, and persistent cookies which are not deleted automatically upon closing the browser. Persistent cookies can be used to remember your preferences and such, so you won't have to repeat yourself, for example by closing the Cookie notice popup.
This site is based on Piwigo, a free open source image gallery. Piwigo only uses a necessary first party session cookie which gets deleted as soon as you close the browser. But, for the Cookie notice popup to not appear again when closed, it sets a persistent cookie on your computer to remember the choice for 90 days.
Google uses cookies (third party) to display ads on this website. One or more cookies can thus be placed in your device. Click on the "Privacy & Cookies" link on the bottom of the page to make any changes, opt-in, opt-out, etc.
If you opt-in, we forward information about your use of our website to Google. Read more on Google's page "How Google uses data when you use our partners' websites or apps".
You can turn off the use of cookies in your browser by visiting the settings page (refer to the help section/manual if you are not sure how to). We can't guarantee that the website will function as expected without the use of cookies.
Read more about Cookies on the European Commission website here:
PS, this website may contain links to other websites where cookies are used. We have no control over any of those cookies.
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